Hector the Connector
Information Technology and RPG Software Development Support

Hector the Connector provides basic desktop (MS Windows,Unix), networking,
and IBM RPG software support for midrange systems (AS/400, iSeries, IBM i)
Resellers of computer products  (What We Do)

Hector the Connector sells and installs complete desktop systems and provides
necessary support for network installation.  As a recent addition, Hector the
Connector now offers IBM RPG software development.

(What's New?)

Hector The Connector now offers 25 plus years experience in RPG software
development on IBM AS/400, iSeries, IBM i systems at a very attractive cost
to the customer.
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business for over 10 years
Email:  CabanH@HectortheConnector.com
for additional information